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Psychological Services of Jacksonville
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Dawn K. Fox, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Dawn Fox is a Psychologist specializing in individual therapy.  She has experience working with a broad spectrum of clients helping them to reach their personal goals. Among her areas of expertise are depression and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, life adjustment issues, parenting issues and military family issues .  
Dr. Fox is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address their individual life challenges. She integrates complementary methodologies and techniques to offer an individualized approach to therapy for every client. With compassion and understanding, she works with each individual to help them recognize and build on their strengths to attain the personal growth and balance they are seeking.  She thoughtfully assists each client in the acquisition of new ways to understand themselves and how they interact with others. 
Kimberly Gydish, M.Ed., 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Addiction Professional
Kimberly Gydish has been in practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for the last nine years.  She graduated with a Masters in Education in Mental Health Counseling in 2001.  She has worked in the field for twenty years and has a variety of experience in the private and public sector.  She has held the Certified Addiction Professional Certification (C.A.P.) since 1996, and treats all types of addictive behaviors.  Mrs. Gydish treats children, ages 5 and up, as well as adolescents and adults.  She has been working with primarily children and teenagers for the last 8 years.  
Mrs. Gydish is an eclectic therapist which means that she personalizes the therapy experience to fit the need of the client.  She is skilled in individual, family, and group therapy.  She is proficient in assisting families with children to develop behavioral modification plans, diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and communicating with physicians and psychiatrists who are often part of the client's care.
Mrs. Gydish provides Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.) for a variety of issues including trauma resolution, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression.   
Katie Jendrisak, MA, LMHC
LIcensed Mental Health Counselor 
Katie Jendrisak is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has experience working with individuals, couples, and families.  She graduated with her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from University of Central Florida.  She currently works with adult clients.  She has experience working in a college setting, residential substance abuse treatment facility, and working in the community with clients in their homes and schools.  She has worked with children and families covering a variety of issues including trauma, adoption, abuse, domestic violence, attachment, parenting skills, communication skills, substance abuse, divorce, sexuality, and adjusting to changes in life and environment.  Katie is knowledgable in treating anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment disorders, ADHD, eating disorders, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  
Katie utilizes a therapeutic approach that best fits the client as an individual.  She incorporates suitable techniques and modalities including, but not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral interventions, stress management, role play, and modeling to address the client's needs.  She utilizes directive/non-directive play therapy when working with young children as play is their primary means of communicating with the world.  Katie strives to provide a safe, supportive environment to assist her clients in becoming the experts of their own lives and providing hope for their future.
Mary Lou Prendergast, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Mary Lou Prendergast is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Clients describe Mary Lou as compassionate and nurturing.  She tries her best to help people cope with the stress and anxiety of life, especially at times of transition. She uses specific techniques to help people boost their self esteem, confidence and motivation in order to lead happy and productive lives. She has helped hundreds of people transitioning from college to "the real world" along with navigating the uncertainty and stress of being in your twenties, thirties, and beyond.  She also has experience working with clients struggling to lose weight, suffering from eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.  Equally important, She works with people suffering from depression, addiction, relationship issues and family conflict, as well as grief and loss, sleeping disorders and parenting issues. 

Mary Lou finds joy in helping others.  She likes to use a variety of treatment approaches including Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients build a "tool box" of  techniques so they can use these "tools" when out living their daily lives.

Stephanie Milne, Psy.D. BCB
Licensed Psychologist
Board Certified in Biofeedback

Dr. Stephanie Milne is a licensed Psychologist who is Board Certified in Biofeedback.  She graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology Southern California at Argosy University, Orange County in California with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and an emphasis in Health Psychology.  She also has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She provides individual therapy primarily for adults and biofeedback and neurofeedback for all ages.  Dr. Milne performs a wide variety of assessments including gifted testing, autism, bariatric, psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.  She specializes in brain injury, anxiety, chronic pain, complex medical problems, PTSD, OCD, weight and stress management, life transitions, disabilities, and personal and professional development.  

Dr. Milne's practice is patient-centered, placing the focus of her treatment on her patients' goals for better health.  She practices from humanistic, cognitive behavioral, solutions focused and mindfulness based therapies.  She takes an integrative approach, encouraging complimentary treatments like massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and spirituality.  She often uses guided imagery and mindfulness therapeutic techniques to get her patients the best posssible outcome!

Brian K. Emery, Ph.D.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Dr. Brian Emery has over 23 years as a therapist with experiences in clinical mental health, mental health administration, and academia as a Professor in psychology.  Dr. Emery attained his PH.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University and became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  Dr. Emery specializes with individuals, couples, and families to explore and to help overcome issues surrounding interpersonal relationships that may be detrimental to their growth.  Dr. Emery looks for the underlying systems and patterns at work in individuals and in relationships to find their positive strengths as a result psychological healing and balance takes place.  In addition, Dr. Emery specializes in men's and women's issues that affect their own interpersonal growth as an individual through Solution-Focused therapy.  In Adolescent counseling, Dr. Emery focuses on emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems to develop new coping skills for adolescents.  Dr. Emery has received special training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Self-Anger Management, and Client-Centered based therapies.  Dr. Emery provides community workshops on Building Healthy Relationships for couples and Kids-Caught-in-the-Middle to help parents and children adjust to separation and divorce.


Tracey Morris, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tracey Morris is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) experienced working with adults, adolescents, and children.  She enjoys the opportunity to provide assistance to those that have been disappointed, confused, or disoriented by life's events that can sometimes seem overwhelming. These events and conditions can act as barriers to joyful appreciation of the gifts we are given. She works with individuals who are struggling with such issues as depression and anxiety, as well as maturation and transitions to adulthood that teenagers encounter, parenting success, and she works with couples and military family issues.

She considers one of her greatest skills to be the ability to be an attentive listener from which she individualize each person's therapy to meet their needs.

She primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, and Existential approaches to therapy to bring greater harmony to her clients' lives as well as a more direct path to lifetime goals.


Arlet Sabella, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Arlet Sabella is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Miami and then went on to obtaining a Master of Science in Psychology with a Major in Mental Health Counseling at Albizu University in Miami, Florida. Arlet has been in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry for over 20 years. She has worked in a variety of roles in hospitals both inpatient and outpatient, a community mental health center, a residential substance abuse and mental health program, private practice, home visits and school settings. Arlet enjoys working with a diverse population from ages 0 to 50. Her most recent work was providing therapy to families, children (0-17) and groups with a focus on social emotional development.

Arlet works with a variety of issues including all types of trauma ranging from sexual abuse to kidnapping, parenting concerns, attachment, social emotional development, sexuality, divorce and adjustment issues to name a few. Trauma is something Arlet believes we all have in our lives from the smallest things like a fall with a scraped knee to the most traumatic like coming back from combat. Arlet loves her work with trauma, especially with the military community. She works with, but not limited to anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment disorders, sensory processing and ADHD.  She is empathic and utilizes it with different types of techniques and modalities including, but not limited to, cognitive-behavior therapy, play therapy, Trauma Incident Reduction, person-centered therapy and reality therapy.

Arlet is an eclectic therapist. Her focus is to be a guide in her client’s life by helping them through their journey of healing. She tailors her therapeutic technique to the client’s needs.  Arlet creates a safe, non-judgment and non-criticizing space.  She believes prevention and early intervention are the key to a positive outcome, but sometimes life throws us curb balls and she is here to help with those challenges as well.  Arlet considers resilience to be an important element in therapy. She wants to help clients realize their potential as they have the resilience to confront the most difficult events in their lives and they can also build their resilience to overcome their struggles.